8 Powerful Conversations Of The Conscious Society

Conscious Society

Mind Unleashed

Whilst the majority of people in the Western world discuss celebrities, fashion, technology, crime, terrorism and an array of other superficial manifestations of mainstream “programs,” there is a growing community of awakening people are who engaged in a dialogue about the core of what it means to be human at the start of the 21st Century.

Yet opening our minds and hearts to this sort of information—as well as processing and understanding it—is a challenging affair. Not only do we need to sift through the propaganda and manipulation of the mainstream media, we have to do the same in alternative channels. Ideally, we should also have a deep philosophical foundation to contextualize any associated ‘darkness’ into a more holistic and empowering picture.

Remaining skeptical is obviously critical, but there comes a time when the patterns of truth become undeniable. That’s why it’s important to identify the sites and articles on the web which are designed to keep us confused, such as those who falsely claim they’ve debunked an alternative or free thinking idea, no matter if it relates to more common discussions such as those in academia and science, or the rarer ones such as systemic dysfunction and corruption.

The reality is, those who benefit from maintaining the status quo are likely to reject any competing ideas without analyzing the evidence objectively, or to an even greater extreme, will pay internet trolls to do their dirty work for them. Through the process of investigating all the evidence of course we need to be vigilant in weighing up the various perspectives and arguments; however the art is in distinguishing between what’s more aligned to the truth and what’s not.

To do this, it is important to engage both our rational and intuitive capacities.

In alignment with a genuine search for truth, this article aims to provide a necessary snapshot of the ‘core’ dialogue taking place in our world, especially outside of mainstream channels. It doesn’t expect its audience to blindly follow the ideas expressed here; instead it aims to provide a platform for viewers to launch into their own robust investigation and discussion around these and other correlating matters.

In all honesty, one topic alone takes near countless hours to dig through the lies and deceptions and locate some “truth,” but don’t be discouraged because it’s well worth it. That’s because you’re not only doing yourself a favor, but the whole of society too.

We really do need to help one another awaken together.

Ice Bucket Challenge

The Conversations

A primary discussion in alternative mindsets is the archaic power structures that control and benefit from our social systems. Many people have many names for this: empire, illuminati, banksters, energetic influences, elite, etc.

No matter what we call them or what layer we’re describing, the truth is there really are many deeply embedded forces that do have an agenda of keeping humanity enslaved to their power, which as a current consequence is the bold attempt to create a one world structure under their strict and untouchable control.

We see this in preparatory mechanisms such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), privacy invasion, international imperialism and the expansion of an interdependent and globalized economy. World War 3 looms on the horizon as a result. It appears that they’re aiming to institute a one-world currency too.

Whether the various levels of power players have inherently good or bad intentions, it doesn’t really matter; the outcomes are evidently disastrous for cultural sovereignty, local communities, collective freedom and individual health.

The fact remains that the true state of our global society has become clear: humanity is suffering terribly.

That’s one reason why more and more individuals are waking up to the various mechanisms orchestrated by this matrix of control and have disconnected from it for the benefit of their own freedom, health and wellbeing. The good news is that a tipping point for a collective awakening is nearing its threshold each passing day, so the coming years are full of hope.

Following are 8 examples of systemic and social issues that we currently face:

  1. Mainstream (corporate) media programs society with lies and propaganda, which restricts and condenses the awareness of any person who is servant to it;

  2. Education is designed to harvest productive economic citizens with little focus on the vitalities of life, such as philosophical, social, physical, emotional, psychological and behavioral health;

  3. Capitalism keeps the populace enslaved to scarcity which results with unhealthy levels of competition, greed and selfishness, as well as guarantees both winners and losers;

  4. Economic models ensure that poverty, homelessness and other socio-economic disadvantages aren’t resolved and that abundance isn’t achieved for the people of earth;

  5. Globalization is killing local economies, small business, democratic functionality, national sovereignty, natural systems, community spirit and healthy food production;

  6. Consumerism imprisons the ‘focus of the masses’ and distracts them with an ego-based and image-driven narrative of existence;

  7. The War-on-Drugs has been a massive policy failure which has amplified many social issues instead of resolving them, such as crime, addiction and imprisonment; and

  8. Monopolized medicine has suppressed effective natural remedies and has ensured that most manifestations of poor health are treated prescriptively and temporarily, with little preventative measures and holistic treatment strategies.

Another focal point is the global central banking system, which is privately owned and operated. We actually don’t need the banking families who have inherited and expanded the management of our money; most countries are sovereign and independent nations and can create their own publicly-operated central banks. If we did this, we wouldn’t need to be concerned with budget deficits or surpluses; we can create as much stimulus as required, whilst obviously still accounting for economic ebbs and flows, and direct it to where it’s needed most.

If we took back our power to create and manage our money we could virtually eliminate poverty and homelessness right now. We can also remove the financial ponzy schemes which ensure the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, as the wealth inequality gap is substantially increasing whilst the most disadvantaged and vulnerable in our society are essentially ignored.

Trickle-down’ economics is simply an epic failure.

Another possible policy option that we have right now is to institute a minimum wage for every person, including those on welfare, to help them to educate themselves and break free of intergenerational unemployment. This has been credibly designed by alternative economists who have legitimately debunked the mathematics of the neoclassical model.

They have also illustrated that we can decrease the huge private debt burden by injecting money into private bank accounts (with the condition that we must pay off any outstanding debt), which is called a modern day debt jubilee or ‘Quantitative Easing for the People‘. In addition, when unemployment is rising we can create jobs in the public sector and then transfer them to the private sector when it rebounds.

Put simply, there are already solutions to this resource-imbalanced mess that we’re in.

Another more revolutionary solution to the inherent ‘scarcity’ of the capitalistic model is the transition to an economy of ‘abundance’. One potential framework to achieve this is the ‘resource-based economy’. Something like this is more or less the ideal, however there will probably be baby steps leading up to it over the coming decades.

Let’s move to arguably the most fundamental and important discussion – the philosophy of reality. There is a meta-paradigm shift occurring; in fact it’s been happening for decades, although it really is just a rebirth of ancient wisdom and philosophy. Simply, we are moving from a ‘mind-less’ perspective back to a ‘mind-full’ one. Put more descriptively, instead of ‘life-less’ and disconnected matter being assumed to be the fundamental nature of the universe, a ‘life-full’ and interconnected awareness is known to be.

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