Our Heart Centered Nature

Heart centered Nature


Our heart speaks so so softly

Mind is churning the sea of our being

We feel the burning from within

Distractions swirling around us

Dampening the fire of our spirit


We work our way up from the base

Striving to open up the portal

That allows us to know who we are

Beyond this physical being on this place

The truth can elude us if we fail to focus


We keep looking for answers

Out there on the projection screen

When the truth, the answer, is within

Our power comes from us alone

It is not becoming but being rediscovered


Feeling that connection to our Mother

Understanding we need to cry

For her, for us, for others through all time

We are all connected so deeply

We can all help heal the collective


Tears are not a function of weakness

They are proof of who we really are

Our tears are parts of the whole

Flowing back from which they came

Cleansing all the way along like the rain


We have the option, we choose

Do we move closer to balance

Or do we push further away?

Balance within leads to balance out

Once we are in balance, we heal


Inside each of us is a connection

Through our heart back to All

It is here that our power is harnessed

It is here that our true selves thrive

Focus on that heart centered power.


Much love, everyone!!!!  – Heather


2 responses to “Our Heart Centered Nature

  1. Beautiful Heather 🙂 true words for my heart as well. I’m coming out on the other end of a massive shift … And am now feeling balanced again. Though the work had only just begun really and will always be. I feel a kinderedness in your words thank you for being you. Happy Tuesday!

    • One of those off the cuff spews. ha ha. Thank you as they were heart felt though. Glad you are feeling balanced again, those shifts can be quite a ride! The work continues as there is much to do… stay well on your path! Much love!

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