Experiencing Grace By Ida Lawrence


Ida often has a way of explaining things that I struggle to explain to others. She has a beautiful way of presenting ideas of transformation and the struggles many of us face during transformation. She can be a beacon on a dark day for me that allows me to see through the dark and bring the light back into my heart.

I am struggling with not taking action on things that I know is not in the best interest of my children or myself. I try to balance the will of those that are in my immediate life – husband and children – and what my conscious tells me to do. I become weighed down. I aim for balance of compassion and conscious decisions/actions. I often feel the strong wind of change blowing and it can wear me out. I must keep my staying power as Ida speaks of in her piece. And perhaps the rest will begin to flow in due time. There is a fine line of being patient and humble and taking action that you know is needed. I sit on a fence regularly to allow me to reach others on the other side, but I do not like to be perched here. Staying power and compassion…

Much love,

Thank you, Ida. As always… Much love to you!

Experiencing Grace by Ida Lawrence

“The intensity of your need calls what is needed to you.” Do you believe that statement? To me, it has shown itself to be true a few, remarkable times. Of course it requires that we remain open, because the ego’s need, or the intellect’s need, or the emotion’s need might not correspond with the true need. It is the energy/information/feeling of us that informs the universe of our true need.

So… we may not be fully aware of what our heart has called for, and it may come to us in a completely different form than what we have sought, or what our opinion tells us we are suited for, or even what we are ‘supposed’ to want. If we are open, we’ll recognize it… a way is a way, love is love. Usually, if we accept that a need is being fulfilled, and we are willing to experience it, we’ll know also that this must lead to change… sometimes a great deal of change.

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Experiencing Grace.


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