Finding Warmth on a Gray, Windy, Cold Morning


I woke up this morning to a fierce wind blowing. I had not stepped outside yet, but I could tell the wind was bringing in the cold air, arctic air in fact. I could hear pine cones hitting the roof and see the last of the leaves on the trees blow as they tried to hold on with all their might. I chuckled as I thought how it symbolized how one could see the situation of our world in these quick few moments. How could I laugh? I laugh because sometimes in moments of our micro lives, we can see the reflection of our macro world.

I could have become disgruntled as I went about my morning routine of waking my groggy children and preparing them for their day. I could have opened up some news sites and began reading about all the things that are going wrong today, but I didn’t. I took a moment and made a decision to just enjoy these moments. And I did.

I had a pleasant morning with my children and then they disappeared into their day. I realized I needed to move my potted herbs and vegetable plants into the garage in hopes of being able to set them back out in a few days or perhaps transition some indoors for winter. As I began this work, I realized I had some harvesting of our late season tomatoes, peppers, beans, and greens. The wind was blowing and the air seemed to be getting colder by the moment, but I was not discouraged. I even had some chamomile buds that were ready to be plucked to become my tea one day soon. There were things to be grateful for, and I was.

I brought my harvests in and began sorting that which needed it, piled some in the fresh produce bowl, and laid the chamomile down to dry for storage. I looked out the window and watched the leaves form a whirlwind on the ground. Ah, the beauty of nature and force mingling to make a beautiful vortex of fall foliage. My mind wandered on to the power of nature and how destruction can often bring about renewal and birth. It wandered further to the idea that Mother Nature must be getting ready to reclaim what is hers as we are in need of renewal and the birth of something better for her and us.

I then felt even more warmth in my heart in knowing and remembering that often we will experience destruction in order to allow for the renewal and birth of something better than the present. I chuckled again as I remembered the destruction of my old self and the renewal of the person I am becoming each and every day. It is hard to face the destruction and see the beauty of it, but it is the knowing that we have the ability to create something even more beautiful and balanced that should warm our hearts. It is through conscious action that we will be able to warm the world.

May we all fare well in the destruction of that which does not serve us and our Mother well. May we be grateful for the ability to start anew with each moment we experience. May our hearts remain warm with love and be shared with all, especially those that may be facing moments of difficulty and destruction.

Much love,


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