The Tools of Remembrance and Imagination


When we have strong ties to a memory, we are able to transport ourselves back to that time and place. Perhaps it was a smell, a sound, a color, a breeze, a touch that triggered your memory. That song starts to play and it transports you back to that moment at the lake. The sun was setting. The water was still warm. You sat there on the dock with your legs swinging, toes swooshing the water. You remember the hand on your shoulder. You remember the feeling of “completion” as a dear friend squeezes your shoulder and smiles at you. You remember how light your heart felt after a long day in the sun filled with laughter amongst friends. You are back there.

Then, just as quick as you went back to that time and place, you are now back in the present. Wow!!! How cool is that??? You can transport yourself through time and space? What? No way! Yes, way.

Think about all the times your senses have signaled a memory to bubble up.
That smell that permeated your Grandma’s house – fresh baked cookies or pie.
The touch on your arm that reminded you of the boy/girl from high school.
The chuckle that reminded you of that time you could not stop laughing and you ended up snorting for quite some time while doubled over in pain.
The color that reminds you of that wild flower growing on the side of the road that you saw on that road trip across country with your best friend.
The taste of that dish that your mother made for all the special occasions, yet you cannot make it just like her, you know something is missing from your taste this time.

If our senses can trigger a memory so vivid and clear and take us back to a time and place in our life, then can we use our imagination to create memories of the future? I mean think about it. Why would we only be able to do this looking in the past? That memory is a creation in your mind. Your mind creates this moment that you perceive as being in your past and already happened. I recommend you stop and really think about how similar techniques can be used to create moments not yet experienced by us. We are creating our life every moment.

Are there limitations on being able to create our own memories for the future? I would imagine that there are some. (Such a deep topic) We each see this world/life through our own eyes. We experience this journey with our own perception. We are individuals having a collective experience? No, we are the collective having an individual experience. We cannot create someone else’s life, but we do have an effect on them and their life. We can help alter it if they allow, but we cannot create it for them. That would go against all that we have agreed to in this experience. Free Will is a huge factor in this journey! Love it, Like it or Hate it! Ha!

Right now, you are reading this. You have an emotion in your psyche right now. You have your senses all picking up on things around you and are translated by our brain. This in turn has effects on our mind. This in turn has effects on our body, and this will ripple on through to our spirit and soul. So, what are you thinking? Is it positive or negative? Is it helpful or hurtful to you and those around you? Do you stop and really consider what your mind and your imagination are up to at any given moment?

Ok, so let’s discuss the connection between the mind, body, and soul. We cannot deny that these “things” are connected. They make up who we are. Can you imagine when we use our mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ourselves that we have abilities that so many cannot even begin to grasp the power held in this connection? Then consider that you affect your surroundings. Your thoughts, actions, and feelings ripple through reality constantly. When you stop and in the moment, you create something with the whole of who you are… something happens. We refer to it as Life.

I encourage you to stop and really contemplate the connection of the trinity with our power to shape the reality around us. If one of our senses can help us travel back within our memories and we can experience them again, then should we not be able to do the same thing going forward? Would it not be more powerful if we stopped, used our imagination (mental), our emotions (spiritual), and our senses (physical) to really imagine what the future may hold? Do you think that we could have an effect on our own lives and perhaps that of others?

Power of Imagination

We must be careful, for all that we do is energy. Every thought, action, feeling that we have is going to impact us and all around us. Be aware of what it is you are rippling through this experience. Just like when you wake up and stub your toe right out of bed can ruin the rest of your day, the things you do and how you react to this life is rippling into the mosaic of what is to come.

infinite FF

Hold love in your heart, choose from a place of love, give love, love yourself and oh what a beautiful loving world we can create. Love will respond.

Much love,


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