No Longer a Prisoner of Fear

Fear Prison

One of the most amazing things that happens as you begin to awaken to the truth of yourself and this world we are experiencing is the natural empowerment that comes from knowing the truth. As we awaken, we learn about the world we have been living in and we also begin to learn more about ourselves on many levels. The more informed you become about the inner and outer aspects of waking up, the more power you will have and the more you can do to impact everything!

Fear is a strong emotion. It generally keeps us from living in a way that is actually natural for us. We are not born fearing this world or anything in it. We begin to learn and understand dangers as young infants, but we also begin to learn fear from society. We become conditioned over the years of our childhood and develop fears.

The conditioning into a fear based mentality starts early and we never receive a reprieve from it. Think about the news – it is mostly negative. We get to hear about all the things that are going wrong in the world, and we might get a one minute session on something positive. Our parents can put some rigid rules in place to “keep us safe”. They unknowingly pass their fears onto their own children. The media shows and movies constantly sell fear. In fact, it seems that fear brings in more money than any of the other beautiful emotions that could be shared. We have to stop and understand where our fear is coming from.

Our society promotes quite a bit of fear, however we have to address our own personal fears. I think the only way I overcame my fears was to understand that which I feared. As I began to learn the truth about the things that scared me, the less I feared them. The more empowered I became. Then, I changed how I was living my life to reflect what I had learned. Sometimes this means getting a tool, a resource, etc. to have in case I need it. (Natural disaster, EMP, war, break down in infrastructure, etc.) It meant learning things that allows my family to be more self-sustaining. It means, being aware of the dangers, but not fearing them.

There are some fears that seem to be more emotionally based than stemming from a lack of knowledge. For these fears, you have to do the work for yourself. You have to determine why that fear exists within you. You have to work through that issue. Was there something that happened in your past that creates this fear? Are you not comfortable with who you really are? Are you scared to be alone? Are you scared to make the wrong decision? Are you scared to die? These questions can help you drill down to the why.

Fear does not have a positive impact on us. Knowing the dangers that exist in the world today and reacting with that knowledge in mind and preparing for those dangers mentally, physically, and emotionally – that is important! We are given this experience. We choose what it is that we will do with it. You choose to direct your energy. You can direct it into having a fear based life or you can direct your energy into becoming informed and acting from that information. You have the ability to defeat the fears that reside within you.

Your Life

The internal battle is one that can only be fought by the self. All anyone else can do is offer a shoulder, a hand, a smile, love, and comfort in knowing you are not the only one.

So, let us cast away our fears. You choose to not be a prisoner of fear and it starts to drip away. Be strong. Be courageous. Look for your fears, face them, and be done with them. Once the fear begins to clear… the outlook is amazingly clear.

When you stand in the love that envelopes you, you will see the fear run and hide.

This life is yours. Take your power back. Accept the responsibility. Love yourself, and Love will respond.

Much love,


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