Shifting Perspective


I awoke this morning to another beautiful day. The skies are a bit hazy, but still bluer than they have been lately. I stepped onto the dirt, just to be startled by the chill upon my feet. We have transitioned into Autumn… overnight… just like that. I think most of us have those moments between winter and spring and summer and fall, where you just stop for a moment and say, “Hmmm… feels like spring/fall.” I had that moment this morning.

And just like that, my mind shifted perspectives. I was actually moving seedlings for the garden at the time. My mind has been focused on birth, renewal, growth, harvest. This morning, I realized that the time of beautiful slumber begins. The world is going to slowly transition across the land like a symphony of change. Mother Nature does what she does best, she will balance. She is always seeking balance.

Now, stop. Think about what we, as human beings, have done to this amazingly diverse and balanced home of ours. Think deforestation, concrete scars, altering the flow of rivers, cutting mountains, digging mines, drilling for oil, fracking, killing animals to the point of extinction, spraying chemicals everywhere, dumping chemicals, oil spills, nuclear waste, … We have thrown Her way out of balance!

Now… think about our systems. Do you see? Political systems are beginning to scream their true colors. They do not work for the people. Economic systems are falling apart. Do not look at the unemployment numbers – look at your “village” and see how the people are really living. REALLY LIVING!! Look across the world how people are being forced to live. The education system is getting more dumbed down by the year. Yeah, please make my children COMMON like the rest of the COR(P). Please! WAKE UP!!

It is time for everyone to shift their perspective.

change perspective

You have to see that things are not as you thought they were.
You have to feel that there is more to life than the crap on TV and Facebook.
Your soul is kicking you… do you feel it? If not… Quit numbing yourself! WAKE UP!!!

Do you know where your energy is flowing? If you are asking me what I am talking about – I know where your energy is flowing. Please…. Work with me, not against me. As a fellow human being, I am asking you to stop. To think. To Imagine. To throw the things you have been taught out the window for just a moment. Then contemplate the world. Think about all the other people on this planet. Tune into the natural compassion we all hold dear to our souls.

Perhaps, you will see that we are all connected. Perhaps you will begin to understand that when a young child is screaming over their blood drenched mother’s body in some distant land that is hurting us all. Humanity suffers when such horrible atrocities are being committed all over this world. There are things we do every day of our lives that feed these atrocities. What are we doing about it? Are you feeding the systems? Or are you pulling out the best you can and letting them feel hunger with the intention of starving it?

consequences sign

Before you can begin to shift your perspective, you have to open up. Don’t say you are open minded and are opening your heart. DO IT!!! Drop the walls of cognitive dissonance (everybody loves those words, huh?) and begin looking at the world for what it really is. Until you are able to accept something profound as not being what you thought it was – it is as if, you just don’t really wake up. Scare yourself! Jump! Do what you have to do. But you have to do something.

It is not just about you… we have a balance that is kept. Figure out which side of the scales you are tipping.

Make a conscious decision to direct the scales. No decision/action tips it as well. You may not like which way.

Be careful, sometimes there is a large shift before the balance is found.

Don’t you wish you could see the shift happening? It is… already.

Pick your side.



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