A Spreading Fire Within Shines Out

Trapped Fire

I remember waking with a chill in the air.
No matter how many layers, the chill continued.
I looked around and I finally saw the decay.
Our freedoms, our lives, our systems… Myself.

I remember digging into why I felt cold.
My heart was heavy and my mind rambled on.
The pain ran through my body and soul with anger.
Why have I carried these burdens with me for so long?

I remember spending every waking minute on my conquest.
My conquest to know why things are the way that they are.
What can I do now? Is it too late? How did we get here?
How could I be so blind? So naïve? So stubborn?

Truth begins to spread throughout my mind,
This in turn invades my soul with a raging fire.
My soul begins to lead me on the path of Truth
And ever since, I have been a warrior in this battle.

Once Truth begins to fan the flame within,
Expect a fire that will help cleanse your soul,
A fire that will give you the warmth and light
To find your way out of the darkness.

The long path of lies I cannot blame
On the people that told me the lies
For they were lied to as well.
Now, I will break that cycle. I forgive us all.

The systems are wavering on the unsettled ground.
They were built on the foundation of lies.
The more of those awaken to the Truth, then
The weaker their foundation becomes.

The more we look deep within ourselves,
The more we forgive, we release… we lighten our load.
As we lighten our load, we begin to sprint across the land.
It is time to spread our wings and fly…

Much love,

Fire Within


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