Tired of Waste and Money


I am so tired of watching how much we waste as a society. It really disgusts me. Then you add on to that how hard people are working to get paid to buy all this stuff that we waste. Where has the value in anything gone anymore? Do we really see anything of value other than a lower price? This has been eating at me for quite some time.

As I see the rope tighten around the people due to money (economics), and the extent on welfare, I just see so much fear, pain, guilt, and on and on. It causes my heart to sink. I am battling for our freedom, but it takes time, effort, and determination. I have a hard time looking out to family, friends, and fellow human beings that are struggling in the arms and under the fists of the system.

I have often wondered what kind of system we could put in place that would allow for a free, honest trade with individuals in the future. Simply put… We take care of each other naturally. You stand at the market place, offer what you have, look for similar value for yourself, and attempt an exchange. When there is no fear, there shall not be concern of having enough. The rest shall flow… just as the exchange does in nature.


With that in mind, we have often bartered with friends. They fish, but we can provide clothes for their child. We exchange. I need fish to feed my family, they have too much fish, my child outgrew their clothes, their child can wear our clothes – we exchange. Needs are met. This happened because we were friendly to each other and just offered up something we had. It is beautiful. It was so natural.

How do we expand this? Our perception has to change for this idea to be able to expand into the larger consciousness. We have to look past the structure that is surrounding us currently. Why do we think it needs to be this way? “I cannot see it any other way and working.” Well??? Try looking at it from a different perspective. Everyone has to shift their perspective away from fear and towards unconditional love for each other. Then, it will flow… just as it does in nature.

Think outside the box.


Well, I do not have all the answers. I do have to try something. So, I created a group for my local area called the (City Name) Exchange. The intention is for people to have positive exchanges with each other. This is how I best described it on the site:

This is intended to be a page that will allow people to state what they have or can do. It is a place for people to state what they need (or even want) as far as an item, assistance with a project, mentoring, apprenticeship of skills, advice, or whatever it is that you can offer to another person. Then we find things that have value to us and we exchange. We decide the value. We choose the medium.

Everything we do is a use of our energy. When we go to work and we get paid for our “time”, we are getting money in exchange for our energy. You agreed to your value when you took the job. I understand that we may have to take a job that we do not agree is our greatest potential or that we get paid for the amount of energy put into the job… this is part of the problem!

Do I have all the answers? No way. Do I feel obligated to do something to encourage others, help others, and listen to my conscious? Yes, definitely. Would it be nice to remove a few bolts from the machine? Hell, yes!

We have to quit feeding the system that so many of us keep yelling about how much we detest it. Switching players does not change the game. Wiping the board clean and starting to build something compassionate, that is creating a new game. Give some serious thought as to how you contribute to that which you do not like to see in the world. Reflect. Then act. That is what a conscious person does.

Here is to offering up love, and seeing if love responds in a large fashion!

Thanks to Nick, Lindsey, and Edna for inspiration!



6 responses to “Tired of Waste and Money

  1. I love the idea of phonebloks. Have you seen their video. A thing like that is really going to kill e-waste. But no one cares in this big bad world!

    • I had not heard of those. Yes, that is a great start.
      We too often have to have the latest gadget. Then the gadgets are not designed to last or the operating systems become “obsolete” – the list is long as we are being fleeced and providing more trash to cover our home. It just keeps spinning in the cyclone and getting bigger and nastier.
      Thanks for the comment, Hacker!

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